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March 5, 2010


Finally photos from last Sathurday, when I had a chance to make some shoots of Asia, my dear friend.

W końcu zdjęcia z sesji z Asią.


  1. Oo woow!! Your photos are soo wonderful!!! Love the black and white ones soo fantastic!! And the last one is just stunning!! wow!! Really love them!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Wow!!! Beautiful photos! I love the second one down, you captured such a great expression!

  3. Madziu super zdjęcia! A Asia Twoja przyjaciółka jest piękną kobietą. Czy te rude włosy to naturalne???

    i jak film? ;)


  4. These shots are just great!! The last one is gorgeous, you have a beautiful friend :)

  5. Wonderful photos that look so professional! The last shot is amazing!

  6. Magda your friend is very pretty woman and your photo- work is EXCELLENT !! Bravo !! ;)

    I wish you very nice day !!

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