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March 15, 2010

Rest of February photos

Thank you for comments on my last photos. Stephanie, for my nightshoots I always use tripod. It makes much easier to make sharp photo. I could have long exposure time (4 seconds) and no blurry photos.

There's rest of February photos.

My brother.

Graffitti wall.

Maciek making pancakes.

Knitted cap I made for a friend.

My uncle's birthday party.

I'll have lots of photos from London I think. See you after that!!!


  1. Ooo really beautiful photos!!!
    Thank you very much for your tips for night photos!! I have to try this soon :)
    And happy days in London!!

  2. Stunning pics and the grafitti wall is fantastic!!!

  3. WOww Woww these photos are really FANTASTIC !! I like very your photo-work ! ;)

  4. WOW! Beautiful shots! Absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe the amazing graffiti. It's breathtaking.