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February 9, 2010


Weekend was my husbands and he was making photos.

On Sunday it was a year when we moved to Warszaw. Here's photo of our flat.

Yesterday was the first time Szymek made poo to potty :) I was so proud of my little son, he's growing so fast and he gains many new abilities. He was using potty for peeing, but yesterday it was a very first day when he made poo there.

Today I spent a lazy morning with Szymek. We were reading some books, played cars. I asked him to pick a toy to photograph (last time Maciek was picking) and he choosed his teddy bear. But when I tried to make a photo of bear, Szymek lied down near to him and started kissing him. It was so sweet, I captured only few shots, all of them are blurry, but I just want to share this one as it shows what was important to Szymek.

On Friday we're going to Silesia, to my parents, we leave kids there and we're planning to spend a romantic weekend in Zakopane. It will be 7th anniversary of our engagement on Sunday so we want to celebrate it. Then I'll spend a week at parents' and in Krakow, the town I lived before so I may not be on-line, but I'll be back with bunch of photos I believe :)


  1. Your photos are lovely!!! I'm going to Zakopane in april. I look forward to it so much. Have a nice weekend with your hubby!!

    Take care!

  2. Oh all photos are FANTASTIC !! I like your idea and photo-work !! SUPER Magda !! ;)

  3. Wow, fantastic pics...great perspective...Hugs Doreen