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February 10, 2010

Poor duckling

The day before Szymek was vaccinated and yesterday he was so poor, his arm was aching, he had high temperature and he was so sad. He felt asleep in my bed and he looked so cute, so I coudn't resist taking him photos.
In the afternoon he felt much better, our babysitter was making with boys donuts, it's a tradition, that on last Thursday of carnival people eat donuts here. So she made donuts (they are really yummy). We had a chance to go to the cinema, we saw Avatar there.

Action by Pioneer Woman and storyboard by Kimla.


  1. Oo sooo poor boy!! Really hope that he is feeling better soon!! But the photos are soo cute!! Love the softness of them and the photo of the eye!! wow!!
    Have a wonderful week and lots of health!!

  2. Look at those eyelashes!! Lovely!! Here in Sweden we don't have fat thursday and my polish mom never told me about it, I must ask her why :))

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  4. Ach....uwielbiam podziwiać Twoje fotki!
    I zazdroszczę talentu:)

    Szymek wygląda przesłodko, pomimo choroby...Buziaki dla Małego choruszka!

    Avatar super nie?