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January 13, 2010

8 hours

It will be the longest 8 hours...

I'll start from the beginning. Few days ago I had some pc troubles, I got a message, that there's something wrong with HD. My DH (IT specialist) looked inside, checked and said it was fine. Today I got message, that one of HDs is damaged. I wasn't worried, because I have second copy of everything I did thatnks to RAID (I hope I write with sense, because I'm not IT specialist and I just can say what my brilliant DH says). After a walk with Szymek this morning I got message that everything is broken and I have to wait long hours for my DH and for diagnose of my pc. I'm terrified. What if both HDs are broken? What if I lost everything? I mean EVERYTHING!!!! Whole 3 years of Maciek's photos, all memories kept in scrapped pages, all recent photos. My DH is sure that one of disks is fine, but I'm terrified anyway. If it's something, I'll have my ps tomorrow (without backups in raid disks), if it's something else, I'll have my data on notebook tomorrow and pc after a week, if it's something else, I'll have my pc and data in a week. IN A WEEK!!!! What will I do!!!! I'm not even able edit photos in here, my lightroom presets are on pc, my yesterday's photos are there too. Keep your fingers for me, I hope I have my pc and data tomorrow. This evening I'll know diagnose.


  1. Oh the thought makes me shutter!

  2. oz kurcze, mam nadzieje, ze jednak wszystko ocaleje !!! trzymam kciuki !!!

  3. I really hope it works out for you. Such a worry!

  4. Madzia fatalna sytuacja...
    współczuje i trzymam kciuki, żeby wszystko poszło oki!