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January 11, 2010

Day 9, 10 and 11

It was impossible to write and show photos everyday, especially on weekend. So today I have 3 sets of photos.

On Sathurday (day 9) my digi friend, Magda (known in digiworld as mru) came to us with her super sweet daughter :) We wanted to make kids some valentine's photos but they didn't want to cooperate. First Maciek didn't want to sit by Alicja. He was ashamed (he's in that age when girls aren't the best company for him lol). Then when I gave them rose, they had really great fun, first Maciek was touching the rose, then he was drinking honey from it and then he started beating Alicja with the flower. Then kids started running and we were done ;) It was so funny watch them having fun together, that many good shots were lost because we both laughed :)

On Sunday (Day 10) lots of things we did, we were on a small hill with kids and they were riding sledges. And in the evening we were participating crafting workshop for kids. Kids were supposed to make clay boxes for grandma's (Grandma's day is on 21 January, Grandpa's day is on 22 January). Well, Maciek started, but when he saw cars, he was gone and I had to make this box by myseld. Szymek was helping me, he was so focused on making holes in clay, he sat there for about an hour.

Today I wanted to show you Chestnut Avenue with snow. It looks so gorgous. 365 template by FruitLoOpSally.


  1. oj jaka swietna seria zdjec :) ostatnie zimowe piekne ! a seria z Ala kapitalna :)

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  3. This is a good lesson in how to take photos of kids. Do you have any ideas for teenagers???

    Also thanks for the comment on my blog. No Mango trees unfortunately cannot grow in pots. Sitting here in the heat it is so wonderful to see your snow photos. I have not seen snow for more than 15 years and really miss it.

  4. Thank you for letting me know!
    i've chanced it! I think you can comment now!

    Wow soo beautiful pictures!!
    i adore the photo's with the roses!! wow!

  5. a ja powiem, że czarno biała sesja jest cudowna! piękne zdjęcia i piękne momenty.

    i czekam na nowe szaty króla.....tzn bloga hihihi


  6. you got some great photos! I love the one of them holding up the red hearts together :)

  7. This is very cool! I love your photos - you are very inspirational!

  8. wonderful photos, i love the one where he is smelling the rose, so beautiful

  9. These photos are lovely and a inspiration!!

  10. ale fajowe zdjatka!!!!!!moj pyziek przeciwnie- lubi bawic sie z dziewczynkami :)buziaki sobie dawac tez hihi :)super pomysl z tym prezentem na dzien babci !widac ze Szymkowi podobalo sie dziurkowanie serduszka:)

  11. Cudne zdjęcia :) Wróce tu jutro poczytam :)

  12. wow sweetie so super wonderful pictures
    i love your picture style and your work on it
    i think i must change my blogger profile and uptade my followers list
    you are on it now
    and pergaps you will follow me here ?

  13. oj jaka świetna sesja!!!pelny romantyzm :)
    zima równie urocza, u nas już prawie sobie poszłą, wreszcie.pozdrawiam

  14. Przepiękne zdjęcia!!!
    Bardzo podoba mi się sesja z Maćka i Alicji...cudne!!!