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January 22, 2010

Days 21 and 22

As I said, yesterday I tried to make some night shots of Warsaw. I planned it long time ago, I was with a friend, Magda (in digiworld she's known as mru). We planned this session a week ago but it's so hard to meet when you have kids and both of us have. So finally yesterday was a first day when we could meet and it was disaster. It was so freezing outside. After few minutes my hands were frozen, my cheeks were frozen, I was like a piece of ice. It was 13 Celsius degrees below 0 and there was wind. I couldn't operate my camera in gloves and without it I could make one shot and I had to put them on because I coudn't move my fingers. So I have only few photos from yesterdays evening.

Royal Castle. Texture by Jerry Jones

St. Anna Church. Texture by Jerry Jones

Texture by Vera Lim

Krakowskie Przedmiescie St. Texture by Vera Lim

We both were freezing so we had to drink something warm.

Texture by SBS.

Todays photo is connected with Granfather's Day celebrated today in Poland. Maciek was preparing some gifts for both Grandmas and Grandpas, he made two cards for Piotr's parents and flowers for mine (he keeps saying "violet flower is for Grandma Renia and red tulip with glitteris for Grandpa Konrad").
Dziadek i babcia ciągle słyszą o prezentach, które na nich czekają w Warszawie ("zrobiłem Ci babciu pudełko, z takich małych ślimaczków, i kwiatuszka fioletowego, a dla Dziadka Konrada zrobiłem tulipana, czerwonego, z brokacikiem"). Pudełko (z warsztatów sprzed 2 tygodni) jeszcze leży w księgatni nieodebrane, no i wczoraj przyszły zamówione końcem grudnia fotoksiążki ze zdjęciami obu chłopców.

Photo action by Pioneer Woman, heart bokeh by Joannastar

See you after weekend!!!


  1. ale cudne fotki Madzia !! piekna jest Warszawa nocą :) szkoda tylko, ze Was tak zmroziło.

  2. Your night photos are GORGEOUS! Excellent work, ESPECIALLY considering the circumstances.

  3. I think the photos are beautiful! Great job!

  4. Stunning pictures though, thank you for the visual feast!

  5. Madziu patrząc na te zdjęcia z Warszawy ogarnęły mnie wspomnienia.....ach jakże cudownie wygląda Krakowskie przedmieście. Jakże miło popatrzeć na drogi którymi uczęszczało się tak często (niedaleko jest Akademia Muzyczna, oraz szkoły muzyczne :D) Jejjjuuuu a zdjęcia są naprawdę śliczne!!!!podkreślam Śliczne :D W szeszczególności to czwarte od góry :D

    ahhhhhhhh ja chce takich zdjęć więcej Kochana :D

  6. Awww!!! The photos are just stunning!!! Well done!!

  7. oh it sounds these amazing pictures were hard to take.. but i anyway love how they turned out!

    have a fantastic we!

  8. Wooow!!! Your photos at night are sooo stunning!!! They were really the torment worth!! Absolutley love the lights on them and your photo treatment!!! Soo wonderful!! woow!!
    Wish you a great weekend!!
    I surely will come and look here more often now!! Your photos are fantastic!!

  9. Wow that top photo is absolutely amazing. And the way you have captured lighting is so clever. I'll really have to try using textures too.

  10. Oh wow! Those photos are so beautiful! Makes me cold just looking at them. :)

  11. wowwwww these phot's are incredibly beautiful!! wow wow!!

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