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January 6, 2010

Day 6

Today kids were not good in the morning. Szymek got up at 6:15 and he was screaming "Mama" so loud.. He was gettin up this early from Monday, but today it was so hard to get up to him because I got cold and I really needed some rest. So a cup od coffee is a must.

Today is a birthday of someone special to me. Kasia, my brother's girlfriend has her day today. I wish I could see her and wish her all the best personally, but unfortunately I can't. Kasia is a young and very ambitious girl, she studies, works and makes wonderful photos. In December she was in Warszawa and I hope she'll let me show you some of her fantastic photos. So here's a photo of Kasia and my brother with Szymek (photo was made on Szymek's birthday in June).

Wszystkiego dobrego Kasiu!!!!


  1. uuu 6:15 współczuję. Uparcie jednak wierzę, że jak pójdą do szkoły to będziemy ich na siłę z łóżek wyciagać. :)

  2. i znowu dobra kawa :) wszystkiego dobrego dla Kasi !
    współczuje takiej wczesnej pobudki !

  3. what a wonderful family-piture!
    happy bithday for her!