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January 5, 2010

Day 2

On the second day winter came to the mountains, everything was white and clean. It's a pity we had to go back. We were roaming with our rucksacks down for about 2,5 hours, it was really wonderful see that white landscape. We saw deers rinning across our road, it's a pity that camera was deep in the rucksack. Then we were in Krakow, the town I love. We were visiting our friends and I didn't have a chance to make photographs of Wawel Castle, which I saw only from a car. But I will make some later in January, I'm planning short trip to Krakow, just me and camera :)
Then we came to our hometown (we both come from the same town), to parents, where kids were while we were in the mountains. I had a chance to make few photos of Main Sqare and an old wooden church in Bierun.
Photo textures by Vera Lim, snow by Kimla and Martencja.


  1. love the pictures so far and you`ve got a new follower now ;)

  2. jakie cudne fotki Madzia !! super ! marzy mi sie tak wysjc samej w nocy na miasto i porobic fotki :) widac, ze sylwester był bardzo udany :)ps. Twoj angielski jest swietny ;)