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January 24, 2010

Days 23 and 24

Yesterday we were on a magic show. This show was for kids and I was there with Maciek, Szymek is too small to enjoy magic. Maciek was very interested in what he saw, and when the magician sat with kids on a carpet, Maciek was in a first row.

It's my 3rd b&w photo this week so I completed Kasia's challenge.

Today it was freezing. In the morning it was 20 Celsius degrees below 0 but we decided to go with kids for a walk. They had their sledge walk.

Life here looks normal even when it's so cold outside. Next week will be also very cold but after that I think I'll go for another night trip. Thank you for all wonderful comments on my previous post. Textures make photos much better then they originally were.

And at the end - 3 months of 2009 in photos.


  1. cudne fotki....odwazni jestescie z tym spacerkiem ;) a Macius wyglada na zafascynowanego magia :)

  2. wowww it looks all so fantastic!!
    very beautiful!

  3. zgadzam sie z Karinka co do Waszej odwagi :)Brrrrr -20 stopni!!!!! jej zamarzłabym :) mi przy -1 palce u stóp sinieja hihihi :)
    Piękne fotki :)
    w końcu moge pisac komentarze z laptopa - vista na moim komputerze mi blokuje :/

  4. Love the black and white! You layouts look great!

  5. oj niezla zima i sniegu wciaz tak duzo!
    cudne zdjecia!

  6. Zdjęcia piękne Maciek jaki wciągnięty :)
    Podziwiam jeszcze Warszawe jak Ty ja pięknie pokazałaś.....

    Buzka miłego dnia P.

  7. Fantastic all the photos !! I like very this photo-work ! ;)

    Very nice day/night Andynka

  8. We love magic shows. It is so fascinating even for adults. The most interesting that I have seen was in India with just a couple of village men and my girls. Wonderful capture and I wish that I had some of your cold weather. It is so hot here.

  9. Hey sweetie

    i love the day picture in B/W
    and your complete day picture from last year

    Hugs shay